Your Questions Answered

1    Do I need to design my advert now?
No first complete your order form and send that back to us. You will then be sent an advert pack that will include tips on how to do a rough layout of what you want.

2    How much will it cost to typeset my advert?
Where we design your advert, the price is included in what you pay. So there are no hidden charges.

3    Will I see my advert before the magazine goes to print?
Yes, we will design your advert, and give you a copy to check. If there are any corrections we will do them and let you have another copy. So you will get to see and agree your final artwork before the magazine is printed.

4    Will I get a copy of the magazine when it is printed?
Yes all advertisers get sent what is called a voucher copy. We will post you a copy once the magazine has been printed.

5    Can I choose where my advert will be?
Some advertisers like their advert on a specific page. As long as the page is available we are happy to do this for an extra charge. Please do note a lot of pages are pre-booked years in advance.

6    How do I advertise?
Call Paul on 07957 371 847

7    Got another question not answered here?
If so give us a call on 07957 371 847 and we’ll be happy to help.