Our tips for moving day.

Take the time to do the following – it won’t take long and may save you time or problems later.

• Take meter readings on the first day of your tenancy, even if you don’t move in that day, contact the utility suppliers to tell them the date you have taken over the tenancy – unless of course you want to pay the bills for the previous tenants! It may not be possible for someone to come out to read the meter for you so you may have to do this yourself and give the reading to the company. Most meters are the same, if you do not have a number to read there will be a row of dials, start from left to right and where the hand falls between 2 numbers chose the lower number.

• If the property is not clean when you move in, tell the landlord, put it in writing and keep a copy.

• Take a full inventory of furniture, fixtures and fittings and get the landlord to sign it. Take photos if necessary.

• Inform the landlord of any repairs you think need doing and put it in writing and keep a copy.

• Make sure you know what you will need to do to get your deposit back in full.

• Agree with your landlord how and when he can gain access to the property, especially in an emergency eg, a burst pipe or power cut if you are not there.

• Read your contract carefully and please bear in mind that a Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding document and you will be committed to it’s terms, if you need help or advice ask in the Accommodation Office.

• Make sure you have a copy or the ‘gas safety certificate’ and ‘energy performance certificate’ for the property.

• Make sure you take out insurance to cover your belongings.

• If you have a television you will need a TV licence, if you have a joint tenancy you will only need 1 licence for the whole property, if you have an individual contract then each tenant needs a separate TV licence. Contact the TV licensing agency on 08448 006 790. If you do not have a licence you can be fined up to £1000.00.

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