Newcastle City Council announce decision on HMO Licenses.

The Council have decided to maintain the existing HMO scheme.

The Council have decided to maintain the existing HMO scheme.

Since the High Court ruling in the Bristol Council v Digs Ltd case Newcastle landlords have waited to see if their licenses would be affected by the decision.

Now we can reveal that Newcastle City Council have decided not to refund HMO licenses on some 700 maisonettes in the city. In a letter to landlords the council stated that “We do not propose to make any changes in the Council’s current position on what type of HMOs must be licensed.  We consider that all such premises remain licensable.  For that reason, we do not propose to refund any fees that have been paid in the past.

The letter, signed by Stephen Savage, Assistant Director of Public Safety and Regulation went on to say

“I can however make it clear that should Newcastle’s position be challenged, we will defend our position in the courts.”

You can download a copy of the letter here.


  1. Iain Slater says:

    seems to me this is another reckless use of council funds. they will defend an undefendable position, opening the floodgates for compenstion, no only for the license fee, but also the cost unnecssarily incured, in upgrading properties to comply with the HMO legislation.

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