In today’s highly competitive buy-to-let market, once you’ve bought you need to ensure you get your property let and keep getting it let year after year after year.

If you don’t it can be disastrous: an empty four bed house can cost you £10,000 a year in lost income!

That is where Student Housing magazine can help you. If you are a landlord with student properties we can help you get direct access to students at the time that students are looking for next year’s accommodation.

Student Housing is a housing guide dedicated to helping landlords get direct access to students. It has already helped hundreds of people, just like you; get their student property let. In fact over 76% of our advertisers come back year after year after year — Why? Because their advertising works and they get their properties let.

The magazines are published annually across four cities, to 10 universities, targeting two hundred thousand students. Our mission is to help house a million students a year.

We don’t own property, we don’t manage property, we don’t let property

we are independent of all universities and students unions…

we are simply here to help you get direct access to students to get your property let.

The papers are published to coincide with the house hunting season in each city. This means that the students have all the advice and property details they need right at their fingertips at the time they most need it. Make sure you don’t miss out — get your properties included — contact us.

With the launch of this website students now have direct access to your properties 365 days a year.

The magazines are often published before the universities bring out their housing lists, which mean that our advertisers get their properties let earlier. So could you.

We work with the very smallest landlords and agents with only one house to some of the UK’s largest with hundreds of properties.

As a small landlord you can take advantage of our cost effective classifieds. If you have a few more properties you can take anything from a half-page to a multiple page spread. It is not unusual for larger landlords and agents to take double page spreads; a few take as many as six or seven pages.

This no-nonsense guide to student housing helps students find the homes they want and you find the tenants you need. And as each edition goes to students at all universities you get exposure right across the city.

To find out how you could benefit from advertising on this website and in the magazines contact us and we’ll send you and advertisers information and order pack.