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7 Easy Steps

Posted by cogivadev on September 24, 2014
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02-01-7Steps1. Go through the advertising pack and decide what type and size of advert you want.

At this point you do not need to worry about what you will say in your advert.

TIP: Look through the magazine to get an idea of what you can do from other advertisers.

Once you have decided what size advert you want, complete the order form and payment – either use the credit/debit card form or send a cheque. You can also pay by BACS.


02-02-7Steps2. Pop your completed order form and payment in the FREEPOST envelope and post it straight away. That’s all you need to do right now.

If you prefer you can call to book and pay for your advert over the phone. Call 07957 371 847 and speak to Paul Allison or Emma Luke.

We’ll process your order and send you a confirmation pack.


02-03-7Steps3. Once you get your confirmation pack you can start to design your advert.

TIP: Read the tips sheets and go through the workbook included in your confirmation pack.

TIP: Look through the magazine for ideas about the ‘style’ and ‘type’ of advert to do.



Remember – We’re always at the end of the phone in case you need any further advice.

Do take style inspiration.

Don’t plagiarise copy from other adverts.

02-04-7Steps4. Draw a rough sketch of your advert on the Advert Copy Form you will find in your confirmation pack (there are tips on the form to help you too). It is is easier for you use a plain sheet of paper.

In the confirmation pack you will find tips and work sheets to help you get the best advert possible.

TIP: You will want to keep your advert style similar to your website, to-let boards and other marketing literature.

TIP: Where you already have a designer or company that creates your advertising – we’ll work with them.

02-05-7Steps5. Once you are happy with your layout send it together with any photos and copies of your logo (if you have one) in the large FREEPOST envelope included in your confirmation pack.

You can email photos, logos and copies of your old adverts to us too.

We’ll take your rough layout, photos and logo and design you a professional advert.

Once your design is complete we will post you two copies one to keep and one to send back to us – we can email a PDF version for you to check too – if that is easier.

02-06-7Steps6. Go though your advert checking it very carefully and make any corrections (to help you will get a handy checklist).

Now either send your artwork back and we’ll make all the amendments and send you two more copies.

Or once your advert is correct write on one copy “Good to run”, sign and date it and then send it back to us in the FREEPOST envelope.

Or where we have sent you a copy by email simply replay saying your advert is “Good to run”

02-07-7Steps7. Once you have agreed you advert we will email you an electronic version it in PDF format. You can print this and use it for leaflets, posters and even email it to prospects.

You will also get a copy of the magazine once it is published.

We’ll distribute the magazine to first year students in Halls as well as door-to-door in the main student areas.

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the calls, emails and extra traffic to your website



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